BDAM Decentralized
Search Engine

BDAM decentralized data engine where search is incentivized

BDAM Decentralized
Streaming Engine

A platform where both users and viewers gets rewarded for the data. A place where you own the data and have the complete rights to it.

BDAM Decentralized Social Network — Future of Social Connectivity

A one stop platform for all of your social connectivity related needs. Allowing you to share and read daily updates, news, direct conversations, group chats and media.

BDAM Decentralized Storage – The Future of data

A platform that allows decentralized ownership and sharing of data. No more centralized data centres, no more data leaks.

BDAM Decentralized Trading Platform

A multi-market crypto trading platform featuring hybrid architecture by combining the best of both centralized and decenetralized exchanges.

BDAM Decentralized App Store— The future of apps and content distribution

A decentralized application store allowing community ownership of dApps while ensuring fair revenue sharing and incentivized community participation.

BDAM Pay — The future of fintech and banking

BDAM pay revolutionizes modern-age fintech by providing complete financial solution i.e. P2P Payments, Dedicated Remittance Engine, P2P Lending, Online Banking and Assets Management.

BDAM Decentralized IOT— An Ecosystem for Internet of thing integrated with blockchain

BDAM unifies IoT devices with blockchain, enabling trustless collection and exchange of data.

BDAM Remote Jobs— The Future of Human Resource, Outsourcing and Freelance

A platform that combines the best of traditional human resource, outsourcing and freelance work. A future competitor to UpWork and Fiverr. A platform with fair revenue sharing, trustless orders execution and transparent review system.

BDAM dApp Store

A dedicated content and application distribution store that enables developers to deploy their and get easy access to a big community of users. It offers fair revenue sharing and incentivized community participation.